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Event and Promoter Management

Create Events and Track Location of Promoters

Franti Brand Ambassadors commissioned this app to ensure promoters are at events on time. Events are created with GPS co-ordinates and a time, promoters are assigned to events. These promoters will get a notification of their assignments. On the day of the event they get a reminder and can navigate to the event, where they can CHECK-IN from their App. Works OFFLINE

Ubiq Point of Sale

Free Offline POS System

POS for All Businesses

The App give businesses a way to track/measure business performance, negotiate group bulk buying negotiating power, manage stock efficiently. Eliminating slow moving stock by analysing demand and compiling orders accordingly. No more guessing when or where to buy stock.


Free Ride Hitching App

Get closest ride to you, less than 3 clicks away

Allows the user to compare pricing and quality of various ride options in the immediate area. The entire fare goes directly to the driver, the App takes No commission from the fare.


Remote Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Tracks Maintenance Activities on Equipment esp in Remote Sites

Works OFFLINE to manage your equipment maintenance effectively, ensuring 100% availability of spares fast turnaround on planned and unscheduled maintenance activities.

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